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European designed and formulated Food Additive products with know-how and experience acquired working hand in hand with our customers for more than 30 years in Food Additives as well as in Seafood products. We understand your needs and have the knowledge to provide you with the best performance additives and guide you through its application so that you could get the best quality and value for your final product.

All ingredients used in our formulations are allowed to be used in seafood processing in Europe CE 1333/2008, complies with the requirements of European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), recognized as GRAS (Generally Recognized as safe) by USA FDA, and also meet the Chinese Standards for Food Additives -GB2760-2015 China.

Our Food Additives are presently in more than 25 countries, each country and customer with their different seafood products and their different needs and requirements which we are glad day by day to help them achieve. We can customize your Food Additives solutions. We will analyze your product and needs, provide our customers the most appropriate formulation and apply it adapting to their production line to optimize results for greatest quality and economic value.

Our Food Additives manufactured in a modern and BRC A+ certified factory in Thailand with imported machinery from Europe and Japan to ensure highest quality standards, a Production Capacity of more than 1000 MT. of final product per month which ensures a prompt shipment for our customers, in site store for more than 2000 MT. of Raw Materials/Final products in dry as well as refrigerated conditions, own Quality Control, Research & Development Laboratory, but above all our qualified and Professional team, give us the chance to supply the best value for money available.

Our global logistics from Bangkok with its Port of Laem Chabang as one of the biggest in South-East Asia gives the chance to our products to reach every customer in every corner of the world and most of them with a shorter transit time and faster delivery.

We’ll be glad to accompany you by suggesting the most appropriate Food Additive Solution, more efficient dose and most accurate process to increase your product quality and value.

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