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Antioxidant texturising agent

OCTOXYL is a specific food additive developed for the technological preservative, antioxidant and stabilizer treatment of colour and texture for the cooking process of skin-on octopus and squid tentacles respecting its characteristics and preserving its natural flavour and freshness.

Easy to use as a short time immersion treatment prior to the cooking process, it actually makes a difference in your final product appearance, and hence value, by improving to a more appealing reddish colour after cooking for these products.

OCTOXYL also fix skin avoiding the loose of skin during the cooking high temperature process improving the final result appearance and reducing the losses during the cooking process.

OCTOXYL is a food grade additive authorized for fish and processed fishing products (Category 9.2 of Regulation No.1333/2008, Annex II (CE) including Molluscs and Crustaceans. Also generally recognized by USA FDA according to the 21 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) and its ingredients regarded as safe (GRAS) with no other limitation than Good Manufacturing Practice.

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