Moisture retainer and texturizer additive
Designed for the specific treatment of skin-less cephalopods

CRYSTAL has wide and long experience in the formulation of moisture retainers and texturizers for the more than 800 different Cephalopods species that are found in all the oceans of earth.

These 2 new developed products AKAFRESH 10 & AKAFRESH 20 fit for most of the commercial species of cephalopods available. These products interact with the protein molecules of the cephalopods increasing their capacity of water retention which improves texture and juiciness and also effectively inhibiting the deterioration process of this fibres.

AKAFRESH as a concentrated liquid solution is ready to be used with easiest, troubleless and homogeneous dissolution which positively affects during the treatment and for steady results on longterm.

Produced according the highest quality standards in our BRC Certified factory in Thailand, all ingredients used in their formulation can be used in Europe (Fish fillets, crustaceans and cephalopods) and USA (seafood products) as Quantum satis and GRAS (Generally Recognized as safe) according CE and USA regulations.

We recommend consulting our technical department, whom as the result of years of experience and due to the variety of species and treatments and high technological effects that can be obtained, can suggest the most accurate process according to your needs and expectations.

This product can make you lots of profit

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