Whitening agent and preservative

During handling, preservation and storage, fish and specially cephalopods may undergo oxidation processes causing the loss of their natural color modifying its appearance.

This is our solution to avoid oxidation and color change improving and stabilizing color by recovering the initial whiteness without altering its characteristic flavour.

As all of our food additives, produced according the highest quality standards with best food grade quality ingredients only and with formulations developed to be adapted to the food regulations of the different countries where our additives are used.

Usually used combined with our moisturisers and texturisers to achieve best results. Can be used with all kinds of cephalopods as Squids (dosidicus gigas, illex spp., todarodes spp., ommastrephes spp., loligo spp., etc.,) cuttlefish, octopus and even fish fillets.

We recommend consulting our technical department, whom as the result of years of experience and due to the variety of species and treatments and high technological effects that can be obtained, can suggest the most accurate process according to your needs and expectations.

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