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Advantatges of using TEXFISH PLUS – TEX IB20

Tuna fish meat is a highly perishable seafood. Fresh meat has a bright red colour which soon turns into an unsightly brown during storage. TEXFISH PLUS is designed to be used in injection treatments to preserve and prolong its fresh appearance as well as to stabilise and enhance its natural colour. It’s technological function is to avoid oxidation, rancidity development of fish fat and yellowing.

TEXFISH PLUS helps to retain interstitial liquids with a greater hydration and retention capacity improving the yield and value for your final product.

With greater optimisation in the injection process, it can be also used for loins and fillets of  other different fish species improving its appearance and texture.

Antioxidants used has been specifically found to have no genotoxicity, chronic toxicity or developmental side effects, short or long-term in any maximum level. Eventhough this lack of adverse effects and no safety concern, some countries regulations limit the use in tuna to certain levels. We recommend consulting our technical department so that we can suggest you the most accurate process and formulation adjusted to the laws of the different countries where applicable, to achieve the best results for each specie and market.

These powder additives are packed in 5 x 5 Kgs. vacuum pack bags ready to be easily used as a single dose into 5Kgs. V/P x 5/Food grade KP waterproof Bag. Packaging is in 5 x 5 Kgs. vacuum bags (25 Kgs.)

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