Shrimp containers stranded in Chinese ports

More than 1.000 containers of shrimp from at least 50 Indian exporters are currently stuck in Chinese ports with a value of USD 160.6 million, as reported by The New Indian Express on last July 21st.
Half of the 50 exporters are from Andhra Pradesh, the largest shrimp-producing state in India. Their permissions to export to China were suspended after Chinese authorities said traces of COVID-19 were detected on the packaging containing their shrimp.
It’s been nearly two months since their exports were blocked but it’s not clear so far whether the containers could be cleared from the ports or bring them back. Indian and China officials are in discussions through diplomatic channels to address it.
China is strictly checking seafood imports claiming contain traces of COVID-19, issuing temporary bans on dozens of companies from different countries found to have shipped seafood with packaging contaminated by coronavirus.