CRYSTAL has become the agent of PALINOX in their aim to expand their presence in Asian countries and specially in Thailand and Vietnam.

A 100% European engineering and manufacturing company located in Barcelona (Spain) with more than 35 years experience developing equipments and machinery for the seafood industry.

Together with our own food technology of full range of seafood additives (moisture retainers, whiteners, preservatives, Black spot inhibitors, glazes and other tailor made solutions) to enhance the quality of your final products in the market, We are now able not only to assist you in the treatment of your products, but also give you best solutions for the processing equipments and freezing lines  to further enhance the quality of your final product.

We offer a value proposition joining processing, treatment and freezing solutions and we can even finance the Project value to update and improve your processing facilities, through the Spanish government funds, with a minimum interest rate.

Should you have any requirements or need any further information, please contact our team which will be pleased to assist you.