Loading our products this week to U.A.E.

Despite all difficulties because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic for the last one a half year, with increasing prices and short supply of raw materials and higher than ever freight cost, our factory in Thailand continue production and supply to all our customers not only in Thailand but increasing Exports worldwide.

Export of high quality and safe additives with competitive prices from Thailand is the main purpose of our company.

Our CRYSTAL Brand Food Additives have been shipped during this last year to customers in U.A.E., Indonesia, Singapore, Pakistan, China, India and Malaysia.

In the meantime, and although Vietnam is presently following more stringent social distancing and strictest lockdown measures and restrictions to control the spread of Covid-19 pandemic, specially in HochiMinh city and the Mekong delta where our Vietnam factory is located, we are continuing our production and supply for our Vietnam customers.