Improve quality of peeled shrimps

Advantatges of using I-tech

After catch, a deterioration process will start in the muscle meat reducing its pH and it’s natural capacity to retain water. Our I-TECH (which is a phosphates blend specially formulated to be used with peeled shrimps) helps to keep an optimum level of pH to increase the capacity of water retention and restore proteins water binding properties. This will allow to maintain the shrimps juicy and natural nutritional properties, improving the texture and appearance of the shrimps, preserving the natural shrimp colour and maintaining the flavour. It also prevents weight loss during the freezing, storage, thawing and cooking processes, prolonging the shelf life of the frozen Shrimps and getting that the shrimps could reach the final consumer with all its natural properties.

Besides our I-TECH (Phosphates blend), we also have availability of Non-phosphates designed formulation for peeled shrimps “CRUSTANATUR 200” and the latest Non-Phosphates & Non-Carbonates formulation “GREENSHRIMP” to cover all you and your customers requirements.

These powder additives are packed in 25 Kgs. Food Grade KP waterproof Bags and/or in small bags ready to be easily used as a single dose according customer processing requirement.

This product can make you lots of profit

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