Perfect for the glazing process

Advantatges of using I-glass

It forms a continuous film on the surface of the products avoiding the oxidation.
It provides antioxidant and elastic properties to the ice, preventing glazing from breaking and pieces from sticking together, creating an attractive and shiny appearance.

It is very easy to use, as the product is sold in liquid format, making its use and integration much easier than powder formats.

It helps in preventing the possible loss that may occur with the dehydration of the frozen food during storage time.

These glazing agents are our solution to improve the quality and appearance of glazed frozen products. They are soluble in water, help forming a uniform and elastic film on the surface of frozen food providing a physical barrier to avoid its dehydration and oxidizing during storage time as well as reduce the water activity avoiding a higher enzymatic or bacterial development. They also visibly improve the appearance with a more uniform and shiny glaze looking, preventing its breakage, frost formation and sticking of frozen pieces while improving the adherence of glaze on the product surface.

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