CEPHATECH additive series

Moisture retainer and texturizer additive series of products

Each of them designed for the specific treatment of skin-less and/or skin-on cuttlefish, squid and octopus.

CRYSTAL has an ample and long experience in the formulation of moisture retainers and texturizers for the different species available of cuttlefish, squid and octopus, either for skin-on or skin-less products.

These products interact with the protein molecules of the cephalopods increasing their capacity of water retention which improves texture and juiciness and also effectively inhibiting the deterioration process of these fibres.

Whatever the cephalopod product, specie and presentation you have, we have the accurate CEPHATECH solution for it.

Whatever your markets requirements are for phosphates / non-phosphates, carbonates / non-carbonates, or even non-phosphates / non-carbonates, we have the CEPHATECH solutions that will meet your needs.

Our technical department with years of experience in cephalopods treatments will be pleased to support your needs by suggesting the most accurate process and CEPHATECH additive according to your species and commercial presentations variety to achieve the high technological effects that can be obtained up to your needs and expectations.

Produced according to the highest quality standards in our BRC A+ Certified factory in Thailand, all ingredients used in their formulation can be used in Europe (Fish fillets, crustaceans and cephalopods) and USA (seafood products) as Quantum satis and GRAS (Generally Recognized as safe) according CE and USA regulations.

These series of products can save you money

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